Forthcoming Event: November 2015


SPANGL4Q project coordinator Dr Ruth Oulton will be talking about 'Putting a spin on photonic crystal waveguides' at a forthcoming discussion meeting of the UKs Royal Society on 16/17th November in London. Find out more and register for this event here.


October 2015


Representatives from the SPANGL4Q team include coordinator Dr Ruth Oulton attended OECS 2015 in Jerusalem, Israel.

July 2015 - Specialist workshop at ICTON2015

Representatives from the SPANGL4Q team organised and presented a specialist workshop at international conference ICTON 2015 in Budapest

ICTON  (the International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks) is a long-standing international conference that covers a wide range of topics on optical devices and communication systems, and has approximately 500 delegates.  We chose ICTON as it is well attended by both optical device physicists and communications engineers, which gave us a good opportunity, both to provide some background information to a wide range of optical engineers and physicists via tutorials in the morning session, and to specialists via the SPANGL4Q special session in the afternoon.

SPANGL4Q Flyer for ICTON 2015


22nd September

Dr Hamish McAlpine has joined the University of Bristol and SPANGL4Q as Project Manager, replacing Binah Shah. Welcome Hamish!


7th March

The UNIVBRIS SPANGL4Q team were visited by a delegation from the European Commission to showcase their research.  This included EU Commissioner for Research Innovation and Science, Maire Geogeghan-Quinn, and Sir Graham Watson MEP for Southwest England and Gibralter.


6th March
Dr Ruth Oulton talks to The Guardian newspaper in the UK about what makes quantum computing so special.





2nd-11th September

A team from the University of Bristol has visited our new partner at St. Petersburg State University and our exiting partner at the Institute for Solid State Physics, Chernogolovka.


30th August

Ruth Oulton and Martin Lopez-Garcia attended the "Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp" in Windsor to present work on SPANGL4Q.  Dr. Oulton's talk won a prize in the meeting for the consortium's work.


5th August

Jari Lindberg has joined Bristol to work with the consortium to study the theory of angular momentum and light-matter coupling in nanophotonic structures.


5th June

Work arising from a collaboration between Bristol and AMOLF was awarded first prize in the poster competition at the International Conference on Orbital Angular Momentum.


27th March

Our recent publication in Physical Review Letters was highlighted in a News and Views article in Nature Photonics.


15th January

The Bristol group have published their work in collaboration with the University of Sheffield on interfacing quantum dot spins with a waveguide circuit in Physical Review Letters.




17th September

The Bristol group have published their work on transferring spin states to photons in photonic crystal cavities in Optics Express.


5th September

The Ioffe group have published on the effect of nuclear spin fluctuations on the spin noise of electrons in quantum dots has been published in Physical Review B by M.M. Glazov and E.L. Ivchenko.


3rd September

Ruth Oulton at Bristol University has presented our work, "Polarization-degenerate Quantum Dot Emission in Photonic Crystal Cavities", at Photon12, Durham, UK.


31st August

SPANGL4Q has been featured as September's "Project of the Month" on incrEAST, a science and technology platoform to promote information exchange between the European Research Area and Eastern Europe.


8th August

The Bristol group is advertising for a postdoctoral research associate for the SPANGL4Q project.  Closing date 13th September.


21st May 2012
New PhD student Petros Androvitsaneas has joined us at Bristol to work on the SPANGL4Q project.  Welcome Petros!


6th June 2012

Arthur Thijssen at Bristol University has presented our work, "Polarization-degenerate Quantum Dot Emission in Photonic Crystal Cavities", at PECS-X, Santa Fe, NM.