SPANGL4Q is made up of seven European research groups:

Academics, postdocs and PhD's in SPANGL4Q

Academics, postdocs and PhDs at the SPANGL4Q kick-off meeting in Wuerzburg, 22nd March 2012.


From left to right: Alex Greilich, Ilya Akimov (TU Dortmund), Vladimir Kulakovskii (ISSP- RAS), Alex Huggenberger (Uni Wuerzburg), Andrei Maksimov (ISSP-RAS), Kirill Kavokin (Ioffe Inst), Sven Höfling (Uni Wuerzburg), Christian Schneider (Uni Wuerzburg), John Rarity (Uni Bristol), Ruth Oulton (Uni Bristol), Sebastian Meier (Uni Wuerzburg) , Kobus Kuipers (AMOLF), Arthur Thijssen (Uni Bristol), Martin Garcia-Lopez (Uni Bristol).

Image of University of Bristol scientists visiting SOLAB laboratories Bristol and SOLAB scientists in the spin laboratory

In September 2013, a new scientific partner was added to the SPANGL4Q team: SOLAB ("Spin-optics laboratory" at St. Petersburg State University)


An inaugaural visit to SOLAB by the Coordinator and Bristol students to kick-start scientific collaborations occured in September 2013.  


Also in the picture is a tunable TiSp laser and a closed-cycle cooled cryostat for a newly equipped state-of-the-art spin-noise measurement.